Lexology Getting The Deal Through: Private M&A 2022

14 October, 2021 Articles and publications

M&A expert, Ole Kristian Aabø-Evensen, looks into common legal issues in Norwegian private M&A including best practices for corporate counsel, cross-border legal practitioners and company directors and officers, in the fifth edition of Lexology Getting The Deal Through - Private M&A.

Ole Kristian takes you through the following key areas, including significant legal, regulatory and market practice developments and trends in private M&A transactions in Norway:

- Structure and process, legal regulations and consents
- Advisers, negotiation, and documentation
- Due diligence and disclosure
- Pricing consideration and financing
- Conditions, pre-closing covenants and termination rights
- Presentations, warranties, indemnities and post-closing covenants
- Tax
- Employees, pensions and benefits
- Update and trends

Read more by downloading the Norway chapter in the Lexology Getting The Deal Through’s fifth edition of Private M&A, below. The full publication including the same key questions and answers for 39 jurisdictions can be found at www.lexology.com/gtdt.


LexGTDT Private MA 2022- COVER (002)

Ole K. Aabø-Evensen
(+47) 477 81 840

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