Cxense ASA - sale of all shares in Mporium Group plc.

Cxense ASA (Cxense) has on 2 November 2017 sold all its 113,123,403 shares (21.16%) in AIM (UK) listed Mporium Group plc (Mporium) in a block sale to a group of investors for GBP 3.96 million.

This comes in line with Cxense’s new strategy as announced on 24. August 2017 to pursue a growth strategy with focus on DMP with Intelligent Personalization and to divest non-core business.

To facilitate for the sale, Cxense paid to Mporium a lock-up release fee of GBP 1.13 million for the release of lock-up of 100 million of the shares. Alongside with the successful private placement of USD 5 million announced on 24 August 2017, the net proceeds of USD 3.75 million from the Mporium share sale represents solid funding of the new growth strategy.

Aabø-Evensen & Co is acting as legal advisor to Cxense ASA.

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