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8 February, 2022 Articles and publications

In this latest edition of the Lexology Getting The Deal Through - Market Intelligence, M&A expert, Ole Kristian Aabø-Evensen, gives you a highly accessible take on the crucial issues of the current M&A market situation in Norway. Discover more about the people behind the most significant cases and deals, and review an analysis of emerging trends and hot topics.

By the end of 2021, we witnessed a decrease in number of announced transactions compared with the same period in 2020.  Despite this slowdown, the average reported deal sizes increased significantly compared with the same period for 2020. It remains to be seen, however, weather this simply reflects the normal ebb and flow of deal activity.

The outlook for the Norwegian economy seems currently fairly stable for the months to come all depending on the development of the pandemic and the results of the new government elected in September 2021.

Increased fund-raising activity among private equity funds throughout 2021, is indicating increased M&A activity among private equity funds going forward.

“I continue to be fairly optimistic that the current trend for Norway will continue at least on a short-term basis”.

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