What does the future hold for M&A activity in Norway?

29 January, 2021 Articles and publications

In this latest edition of the Lexology GTDT Market Intelligence, M&A expert, Ole Kristian Aabø-Evensen, gives you an accessible take on the crucial issues of the M&A market situation in Norway. Discover more about the people behind the most significant cases and deals, and review an analysis of emerging trends and hot topics.

Deal activity is currently lagging significant behind of 2019, due to the covid-19 pandemic. This far into the third quarter 2020, we have, however, observed a bounceback of the Norwegian M&A-activity, mainly driven by TMT-assets and we also continue to observe divestment activity among corporations in order to invest in new growth opportunities.

“In 2020’s third quarter, much of the foreign deal activity into Norway seems to have rebound.”

We expect the incentives for continuing M&A-deal activity will remain relatively strong in the Norwegian market within such sectors as TMT and industrials, but with growing uncertainties about a possible covid-19 bounceback.

Still, capital continues to be inexpensive and plentiful. A lot of cash is still waiting to be invested and, despite the fact that we have seen an increasing number of private equity exits over the past three to four years, there still seems to be an exit overhang in some private equity sponsor’s portfolios approaching end of lifetime for the funds holding such investments.

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