Positive outlook for the Norwegian public M&A market

18 June, 2021 Articles and publications

Ole Kristian Aabø-Evensen, partner at Aabø-Evensen, takes a closer look at the public M&A market in Norway in the fourth edition of The Lexology Getting The Deal Through: Public M&A 2021.

The number of public M&A transactions observed in Q4 2020 was significantly higher than the levels observed in Q4 2019. Much of the value increase on the stock exchanges can be explained by falling interest rates, which again increases the valuation of ‘growth’ shares with high future projected earnings. Ole Kristian reports that deal volumes in Norway are likely to continue increasing as vaccines are being rolled out, and the global economy seems set for growth. However, uncertainty still remains high with continuing increasing global covid-19 infection rates.

Throughout this chapter, Ole Kristian guides you through all you’ll need to know about Public M&A in Norway and following the Lexology Getting The Deal Through format, he is answering key questions in the following sections listed below, including key developments and legislation related to the Coronavirus.

- Statutes and regulations
- Cross-border transactions
- Sector-specific rules
- Transaction agreements
- Filings and fees
- Information to be disclosed
- Disclosure of substantial shareholdings
- Duties of directors and controlling shareholders
- Approval and appraisal rights
- Hostile transactions
- Break-up fees – frustrations of additional bidders
- Government influence
- Conditional offers
- Financing
- Minority squeeze-out
- Waiting for notification periods
- Tax issues
- Labour and employee benefits
- Restructuring, bankruptcy or receivership
- Anti-corruption and sanctions
- Key developments
- Coronavirus

Every effort has been made to cover all matters of concern to readers. However, specific legal advice should always be sought from experienced advisors. Reproduced with permission from Law Business Ltd. This article was first produced in June 2021. Lexology Getting The Deal Through titles are published annually. To learn more about the publisher, please click here.

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