Daniel Arvidsson steps up to become a lawyer

16 December, 2022 Articles and publications

We are proud to be able to congratulate Daniel Arvidsson on his lawyer's license.

Daniel Arvidsson goes from being a Senior Associate to becoming a lawyer at Aabø-Evensen. He is originally a Swedish jurist who joined the firm in October 2020. He has since then assisted both national and international clients with M&A, capital market transactions and dispute resolution.

Below he answers some questions about the change, the learning curve he has had and which tasks and challenges he is looking forward to be working on.

Congratulations on becoming a lawyer. How does it feel?

- Thank you very much. It feels really good. For me, the title of lawyer is a stamp of quality and proof that I meet the high requirements placed on those who want to call themselves a lawyer.

Did you find the path to becoming a lawyer difficult?

- Everything has its own challenges. It has also been a steep learning curve where my principals and colleagues, who are all very keen that I succeed, constantly challenged and pushed me forward. That is one of the reasons why I became a lawyer in such a short time.

What do you think will be the biggest difference now that you are transitioning to the position of lawyer?

- I believe that the position as a lawyer will mean an increased focus on understanding the interaction between the law and the client's commercial interests, and thereby being able to protect the client's interests in an even better way. There will also be higher demands on bringing in business to the firm and here I am looking forward to expanding my network in Norway and internationally.

What is the most enjoyable thing about working at a law firm specialized on M&A and capital market transactions?

- The legal work is very varied. You never know what assignments will come in. That's what makes my job so exciting. At a business law firm, you also get very close to the deal. Thereby you develop your commercial thinking.

Why should you apply to Aabø-Evensen?

- If you wish to work broadly with M&A and capital market transactions but also have the opportunity to delve deeper into certain areas, then we are the right place for you.

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