LINK Mobility Group ASA enters the Austrian market by acquiring Simple SMS

LINK Mobility Group ASA ("LINK") has acquired the Austrian mobile messaging companies Simple SMS GmbH and Simple SMS Wholesale GmbH (together "Simple SMS Group") from the seller Christoph Holubar.

Simple SMS Group is a specialist for web based platform & services for a huge range of professional mobile messaging for business customers. With a yearly increase of more than 24% in revenue in the last years, it confirms that the companies' solutions offer their customers a satisfied service, with special customizing and integration in existing business solutions. After nearly 11 years since starting the business, in March 2016, the full relaunch of the products has been a big success. The Simple SMS Group business expects to generate pro forma revenues of approximately EUR 2.1 million in 2017.

The agreed enterprise value of the transaction is EUR 2 million and the purchase price is settled by payment in cash, shares in LINK and in seller’s credit.

"I am really happy to announce that we have acquired Simple SMS Group which is a strong positioned mobile messaging provider in Austria with approximately 25% market share in the small and medium sized business segment. And we look forward to continue developing the Austrian market with existing and new services going forward" says Arild E. Hustad, CEO of LINK.

Aabø-Evensen & Co is acting as legal advisor to LINK Mobility Group ASA.

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