Changes in categories for publication of company announcements for listed companies

As of today, there are new categories on the Oslo Børs website for company announcements, The number of message categories has been reduced from 43 to 25, and the available categories now reflect common categories used in the EU. The new categories are:

Annual financial and audit reports
Half yearly financial reports and audit reports / limited reviews
Payments to governments
Home member state
Inside information
Major shareholding notifications
Acquisition or disposal of the issuer’s own shares
Total number of voting rights and capital
Changes in the rights attaching to the classes of shares or securities
Additional regulated information required to be disclosed under the laws of a member state
Ex date
Mandatory notification of trade primary insiders
Prospectus/admission document
Non-regulatory press releases
Adjustment of interest rate
Listing/admission of securities
Trading halts
Matching halt
Special observation
Closing prices derivatives
Derivative notices
Announcement from Oslo Børs
Announcement from other participants
Announcement from Norges Bank



Lars André Gjerdrum
Head of Equity Capital Markets